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Getting to Dillon, MT and our shop

Dillon, MT is located on I-15 60 miles south of Butte, MT, 120 miles south of Bozeman, MT and within 60 miles north of the Idaho/Montana border on I-15. Our shop location is 730 N. Montana St Dillon, MT and operate out of remote locations Polaris, Butte and Wise River, MT. Call us at 406-925-9059 and we can deliver to your location allowing you to maximize your time and make your adventure one you will not forget.

Our favorite areas to explore in southwest Montana


200 miles of groomed trails, highlights include Coolidge and Elkhorn mines and Reservoir Lake. Major groomed trails heading west and north interconnect with Wisdom/Jackson and Wise River trail systems. Southerly trail links up with Salmon, Idaho snowmobile club trails.


  • Dillon Ranger District, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forests, 420 Barrett Street, Dillon, MT 59725, (406) 683-3900
  • Beaverhead Sno-Riders, Box 867, Dillon, MT 59725, (406) 683-2205

Georgetown Lake

Three major trail systems totaling 140 miles offer opportunities for family snowmobile touring, with a snow shelter for cookouts and picnics, to more challenging riding through deep snowpack.


  • Pintler Ranger District, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forests, 88 10-A Business Loop, Philipsburg, MT 59858, (406) 859-3211
  • Anaconda Snowmobile Club, 55 Fire Lane, Anaconda, MT 59711

Virginia City

Three snowmobile trail systems in the Gravelly Range provide challenging opportunities for

experienced riders, and easier rides with access to resorts. Highlights of the 130 miles of

snowmobile trails include Alder Gulch, Summit City, Antelope Basin, Tobacco Root Range

and high mountain lakes.


  • Madison Ranger District, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forests, 5 Forest Service Rd., Ennis, MT 59729, (406) 682-4253
  • Vigilante Snowmobilers, Box 145, Virginia City, MT 59755, (406) 843-5484 or (406) 682-5250


150 miles of groomed trails link up with other snowmobile trail systems including the Wise

River-Polaris Trail, Steel Creek trails, Wise River trails, Salmon, Idaho club trails, and over

the Continental Divide into the Bitterroot Valley.


  • Wisdom Ranger District, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forests, Box 238, Wisdom, MT 59761 (406) 689-3243
  • Big Hole Snowmobile Club, Box 141, Wisdom, MT 59761, (406) 689-3108

Wise River

Area highlights include Pettengill’s Falls, Long Tom Cabin, backcountry lakes, high plateaus

and plenty of open meadow play areas. 150 miles of groomed trails at elevations from 5,500

feet to 8,000 feet.


  • Wise River Ranger District, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forests, Box 100, Wise River, MT 59762, (406) 832-3178
  • Wise River Jackpine Savages, Box 65, Wise River, MT 59762, (406) 832-3258

Pioneer Mountains scenic byway & Wise River area, groomed snowmobile trails

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